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Waves:Light and Sound

This kit is sure to spark interest and raise curiosity levels in first grade students. This kit does exactly what the name implies: Gives students one of their first opportunities to explore light and sound in the classroom environment. "Communicating with Sound" and "Communicating with Light" are two of the activities which allow students to play fun interactive games while learning important concepts at the same time. This kit also allows students to visit stations and observe and record sound vibrations made by different materials in different containers. Waves: Light and Sound lays a foundation for future learning and will pave the way for more advanced topics in the future. This kit comes with enough materials for twenty five to thirty students or can be customized for a home schooled student.

Purchase Price of kit for classroom of 30 students: $355.00
Home school parents: This kit is included in the First Grade subscription.


Price: $355.00

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