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Engineering Design

This kit is a fun and interactive introduction to engineering design for first graders. Students are going to be introduced to many new and exciting concepts which are sure to spark an interest in design and engineering function. They will be required to build a boat-how much weight can it hold? Who's boat holds the most weight? Then, they are challenged to evaluate the difference between a ball and a wheel. What are the pros and cons of a ball versus a wheel? How does it work in a vacuum? They will then move on to roof design: Which roof design is best? These are questions all the students will be required to answer as they gain a firm understanding of engineering concepts. This kit contains enough materials for twenty five to thirty students or can be customized for a home schooled student.

Purchase Price of kit for classroom of 30 students: $275.00
Home school parents: This kit is included in the First Grade subscription.


Price: $275.00

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