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Terms and Agreement

By submitting this agreement to Insight To Learning, you agree to 10 (ten) monthly payments of $25.00 (plus tax where applicable) billed every 30 days from the initial date of purchase, for a total of $250.00 per year for a science kit subscription.

You will receive a kit at your home every six to eight weeks with each subscription purchased. Each kit will arrive at your home in a box with items clearly marked as either perishable or durable. A list will also be included in each shipment as to which items must be returned to Insight To Learning. You agree to return ALL items listed as durable or your credit card on file will be charged the amount listed on your packing slip for each item missing.

All items will be shipped in a box with Insight To Learning clearly listed as the shipper. This is the same box you will return the durable goods. Inside the box will be a prepaid label and must be affixed to the outside of the box when making your return shipment. A tracking number will be included on that shipping label and the shipments will be tracked both to your home and back to Insight To Learning.

You will receive a grade appropriate kit every six to eight weeks with your subscription. A new kit will not be shipped until we have received the previous kit we sent you with all durable goods enclosed. If we do not receive a kit back from you after 10 (ten) weeks, your next kit will not be shipped.

If you choose to terminate your subscription early, you will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee and all subsequent shipments will be stopped.

All orders are double checked for accuracy before they leave our warehouse, but should there be any missing pieces or any other issues with your order, please contact us using the Contact Us link here on our site and inform us immediately of any discrepancies. They will be handled promptly and courteously.