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Insight To Learning


Our Passion and Inspiration

We are Insight to Learning and we are an educational based company that specializes in designing and manufacturing science kits and science curriculum for students aged kindergarten through fifth grade.   Our mission is to provide engaging scientific and academic activities and materials to young students in order to stimulate and expand the learning experience.   We are committed to helping students develop a passion for continued learning throughout their lifetime.

Our slogan is Created by teachers, tested by students, and we pride ourselves on just that. Our kits were created by teachers based off of their years of classroom experience.  After the kits were put together, we were able to take them, and demonstrate them in different classrooms as well.  Student response to our kits has been absolutely incredible.

We went into a first grade classroom in order to demonstrate one of our experiments that involved building a boat.  After the project, we asked the students how they felt about the project.  They unanimously said that they had a great time, one even adding that it had been the best day of first grade ever!!

The response completely blew us away.  The next week, we were called back into the same class to do another project.  When we walked in, one of the students came to us and yelled “We EARNED another science project!!” This class EARNED science projects.  They had so much fun learning that they couldn’t wait to do it again!! When was the last time a class of kids were that eager to learn?! It was incredible.

After teaching that second class, one boy even came to me, and told me how he had started building boats for his toys at home, the same way we did in class.  It completely blew our minds.  These kids loved our projects so much that they even went HOME and did them over the weekend!

Seeing our kits in classrooms have been so incredible and inspiring.  We have a passion for kids and education, and incredibly excited to share our insight to learning.